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Founded in 1921 in Osaka, Japan, the company Koyo has become the third largest manufacturer of bearings in the world with 16 factories and 53 offices in 18 countries. The company's sales for 1996 exceeded £ 1 630 million, the majority of them are result of the strong position of the company in the automotive sector. The main products include ball bearings, needle bearings, water pumps bearings, clutch bearings, miniature bearings and bearings for hubs with ABS sensor.

Since its founding Koyo Seiko uses the ultra-precise machine technologies for bearing production which has invented and developed in order to enter the fields of steering wheel systems, automotive components and mechatronics. Koyo Seiko leads aggressive policy of globalization by creating commercial and manufacturing facilities in America, Europe and Asia, serving directly the customers in these regions and offering them quality products. Moreover, the company has established research and development centers in North America and Europe to meet quickly the needs of technical support of the customers in these regions. Being a global company, Koyo Seiko seeks to continue offering its customers around the world the best technology, quality and service.

Koyo Seiko and Toyoda Machinery USA merged on January the 1-st, 2006 to form JTEKT, a leading manufacturer of ball and roller bearings, steering wheel systems, propulsion components and machine tools. Toyota Motor Corp. is the main investor in both company and the major shareholder of JTEKT, owning approximately 24 % of the shares. Koyo Seiko is a member of the World Bearing Association (WBA).


The JTEKT corporation (www.jtekt.co.jp/e) is a leading Japanese manufacturer of steering wheel systems (JTEKT Automotive), propulsion elements (JTEKT Automotive and Torsen), bearings (Koyo) and machine tools (Toyoda Machinery). The company is a world leader in the production of bearing solutions used in a wide range of applications, including automobiles, jet engines, wind turbines and ultra high-speed trains. JTEKT was founded in January 2006 after the merger of Toyoda Machine Works Ltd. and Koyo Seiko Co. Ltd . Koyo Seiko was established in 1921, and Toyoda Machine Works in 1941. With headquarters in Nagoya and Osaka, 70 centers around the world, including in Asia / Oceania, North America and Europe, JTEKT has 34 000 employees. As of 31 March 2009 the JTEKT sales amounted to $ 10.9 billion.

Following the acquisition of the business of roller bearings from the Timken Company, JTEKT Corporation created a new business structure, Koyo Bearings USA LLC .The transaction was completed on the 31’st of December, 2009. The new company combines the strength, heritage and intellectual capital of Koyo ® and Torrington ® Needle Roller Bearings and is considered to be one of the world's largest producers of roller bearings.
Koyo Bearings manufactures needle roller bearings under the brand Koyo Torrington Needle Roller Bearings, the production range includes radial and thrust needle roller bearings, bearing sets and needles for automotive and industrial applications.

November 15, 2011 - JTEKT started the production of bearings and steering wheel systems in Indonesia.

October 17, 2011 - JTEKT Corporation founded the first factory for production of bearings in India called Bawal plant at Koyo Bearings India Pvt. Ltd. The new plant will start production in November 2012

The plant in Bawal will produce automotive bearings and bearings for motorcycles and aims to provide with them Japanese and local companies manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.. The total investment will amount to approximately 7 billion yen and the completion of the plant is scheduled for May 2012.



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Saint George

The company Saint George LTD was founded in 1997 and is engaged in the trade of spare parts for machinery. Over the years St. George Ltd gained the position of a reliable supplier of bearings and fasteners. In 2001 the company moved its activities to Sofia and created its own metal-working base.