Providing services in the field of metal casting of steel and cast iron parts, as well as of mechanical processing to final finish

Saint George Ltd has significant possibility of providing services in the field of metal casting of steel and cast iron parts, as well as of mechanical processing to final finish. The capacity of the production facilities, the highly qualified staff and the great traditions of the company in the field of mechanical engineering, determine the company´s possibilities to produce middle complex by configuration and composition rotary and body parts of high quality with gross weight up to 1000 kg.

The company creates its own foundry casting drawings of the ordered parts based on the drawings of the final configuration provided by the sponsor. Saint George LTD also designs and develops on their own the most rational model equipment to meet the requirements for batch production, workability of moulding and subsequent mechanical operations and to ensure optimal and faultless mold filling with pour metal, its solidification without the formation of void spaces, pores and unwanted structures, and in the long run - to achieve the required quality of castings.

Thanks to the use of modern foundry moulding materials, the produced castings distinguish by their clean and smooth surfaces, neat edges and minor spills, at the parting lines of the forms for example . The final finishing of the already cleaned casts gives the treated surfaces an aesthetic silver gray color.

Besides the standard products - the range of carbon steel and gray cast iron with a tensile strength (Rm) varying from120 to 400 MPa, the company casts high-carbon and alloy steels and cast irons. Well mastered is the production of castings of high -strength cast irons, the so called plastic ones, with Rm up to 800 MPa, along with the production of modified cast iron castings. The chemical composition of the materials is strictly controlled before pouring the melt. By adequate cooling certain surfaces or the whole castings can be ¨bleached¨ so that high hardness is achieved.

For making the required chemical composition and refining the melt are used classic ferroalloys, carburisers and modifiers. The company disposes of all the necessary workshop equipment to control the composition and the temperature of the melt before pouring.

The company is able both to produce castings and accurately process them to final finish till they achieve the ultimate configuration required by the customers. For this purpose the company is equipped with a wide range of universal machine tools for the processing of both rotary, and body parts and cutting machines. The company also disposes of gear cutting machines for cutting straight and helical gears with involute classic profile with modules up to 18 mm.

In case the company does not have the necessary technological equipment to perform certain thermal and chemical-heat treatment before the final finishing of some products in order to achieve higher hardness or to make specific measurements and analyzes, the services of specialized companies authorized by the relevant certificates are used.


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Saint George

The company Saint George LTD was founded in 1997 and is engaged in the trade of spare parts for machinery. Over the years St. George Ltd gained the position of a reliable supplier of bearings and fasteners. In 2001 the company moved its activities to Sofia and created its own metal-working base.